What Is EPOC?

The Economic Programme Oversight Committee (EPOC) was established in 2013 to monitor the implementation of Jamaica’s economic reform measures under its agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The committee comprises 11 persons from the private and public sectors, and civil society. They receive and assess information from the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) to track the progress of the targets under the three-year Precautionary Stand-By Arrangement (PSBA) which was signed in 2016.

EPOC will monitor the fiscal, monetary and financial sector indicators which are under the standby agreement as the GOJ aims to preserve macroeconomic stability achieved under the previous agreement, with renewed focus on growth and job creation, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

The committee meets quarterly for monitoring based on the quarterly targets and the semiannual IMF reviews. There are also monthly meetings of a technical subcommittee to conduct ongoing analysis of the PSBA.

EPOC will also assist in ensuring that the agreed targets are achieved and advise the public of any concerns or developments through traditional and digital media. You may connect with us on Twitter and on Facebook.

Meet the Members of EPOC