The EPOC met on January 15, 2019 and reviewed the latest available results for the period ending September 2018.

Based on the preliminary results for performance to date through the end of November 2018, the GOJ is on track to meet the targets for the Quantitative Performance Criteria (QPCs) and indicative targets (ITs) for the IMF SBA as at end-December 2018.


Structural Benchmarks Met

☑ As a result of the overall strong performance, the GOJ has met all eight (8) macro-fiscal structural benchmarks for the November 2016 to November 2018 period. The GOJ has also met the fourteen (14) structural benchmarks for public sector transformation, public bodies and public service reform through end-November 2018.

☑ It should be noted that there is only one (1) structural benchmark currently remaining under the SBA: the capping of the total stock of domestic arrears of seven public bodies at J$6.4 billion during the programme period, which is being met on a monthly basis to date by GOJ.